The $1.6 Billion Bayfront Overhaul is coming

The $1.6 Billion Bayfront Overhaul is coming

Developer Yehudi Gaffen and his partners proposed a complete teardown and rebuild of Seaport Village, dubbed “Seaport San Diego.” 

The proposal includes 10 acres of open space, a water element that extends north towards Harbor Drive, creating a water play area and a canal-like walkway through a portion of the development. 

It would also see five hotels at different price points, restaurants, retail and office spaces, an aquarium, and an observation tower. 

Though some features of the historic Seaport Village will be kept, like its duck ponds and carousel.

Yehudi Gaffen is a San Diego-based developer whose company, Protea Waterfront Development, won the Port of San Diego’s competition to redevelop the San Diego Waterfront last year. He plans to construct $1.2 billion dollars’ worth of hotels, an aquarium designed by hotshot architect Bjarke Ingels, offices, a 500-foot observation tower, a science institute, and 30 acres of parks and open spaces. The new San Diego Waterfront will include high-end retail, restaurants, and a public beach. The idea, Gaffen says, is for it to be uniquely “San Diego.”



“It’s pretty much going to be about the San Diego lifestyle and trying to represent that physically in terms of the buildings, the public space, the places. The focus on health and wellness. The outdoors. Our weather, etc. So it’s going to be creating a “there” that isn’t there right now.”

The problem is, that there is a “there” there right now. A place beloved by locals and tourists alike, or so it would seem on a regular Sunday stroll through the existing, bustling Seaport Village.