Would You Buy the Biggest Home in Alaska? It’s Nearly 10,000 Square Feet

Would You Buy the Biggest Home in Alaska? It’s Nearly 10,000 Square Feet


At 663,268 square miles, Alaska is the largest state by more than a few miles. And with all sorts of space to spread out, you’d figure there are a few huge mansions amid the cold climes of the 49th state.

However, the largest single-family home for sale in Alaska right now doesn’t even crack the 10,000-square-foot mark. This means one block in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air holds more megamansions than the nation’s biggest state.

Measuring 9,748 square feet and located in Anchorage, the state’s largest abode is available for $999,000. Owner Carl Brady Jr. grew up in Alaska, loved Alaska, and built the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home to last.

Built in 1984, the large residence was designed to withstand natural disasters of all kinds and includes an abundance of windows.

“It has a ton of custom, triple-paned windows, which was pretty interesting for the ’80s,” says listing agent Layne Gunter, “but the architects really wanted to make the best use of the natural light and the way that it moves here.”

The amount of windows on this huge home was unique for the area, Gunter explains. During some months, the sun barely makes it above the horizon; at other times, the sun circles the sky from northeast to northwest.


“This house really has features unlike anything else,” says Gunter.

Located on the city’s west side, the house was a hub for entertaining as well as a known spot where neighborhood kids could be found playing in the living room or the yard.

“This house has hosted everyone from sitting governors and dignitaries to Stanley Cup winners to all of the kids in the neighborhood,” says Gunter.

The huge home also comes with an interesting history.

Brady is the son of Carl Brady Sr., who brought the first commercial helicopter to Alaska in 1948 and convinced the government the territory was best surveyed by helicopter because of its rugged terrain. He was responsible for surveying the entire state for the U.S. government.


Enthralled by Alaska’s wilderness, Brady Sr. eventually made his home in Alaska. He also founded the state’s largest commercial jet company, and did a fair amount of public service. He was elected to both the Alaskan House and Senate.

Brady Jr. left behind quite a legacy in Anchorage as well. The house also includes an atrium with a full greenhouse and a 2,400-square-foot deck for entertaining. Three of its six bedrooms are roomy lofts perfect for kids.

And let’s not forget about the front-row seat for the northern lights. Now that’s a sweet sight much bigger than this mansion.